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Important Factors To Consider Before Accepting A New Job – 2022

A great job is everyone’s dream to make their lives fulfilled. For some, it may not necessarily be the salary but the working atmosphere, the opportunity to learn and grow professionally and sometimes the city they have to settle in.

It is worth noting that jobs come with their never ending unpredictability. You may at some point in time say goodbye to your employer to seek greener pastures, layoff or termination of contract or other factors that may be beyond your control.

Bottom line is you are always at the unfortunate end. However, life must go on and before you accept any new job offers, take these important factors into consideration.

Is The Company Stable With A Good Reputation?

One of the basic checks you have to do before you make the decision that will shape your future is to find out if the company offering you the job is stable and with a good reputation.

As much as you may be in need of a new job, it will be idle to accept a job offer from a company that has a stable future for at least five years. You can check the company’s website for reviews from people that benefit from their services and products. It will give you a fair idea of how stable the company is and it’s reputation in the corporate world.

You can further check the firm offering you a job’s stability and reputation by visiting government offices like the social security, environmental protection agency and revenue offices. Such government offices should be able to confirm if your new job has been paying tax and in sound financial standing.

Once you are satisfied with the information, you can tick the box for it being stable and reputable.

Will You Earn More?

Money may not be the solution to everything but there is a whole lot you may not be able to do without it. A constant worry about your finances takes a toil on your overall happiness and that can go a long way to affect your productivity at your new work.

According to one research study, estimated cost of living adjustments for 2022 was at 3% which is equivalent to what has been projected for the past 10 years. What this indicates is you need to accept job offers that pay more than your current job.

Whiles earning more may be the ultimate goal, you need to factor the time offs and environment or work culture that provides room for professional development. It is necessary to make more money in your new job but focus on the opportunity to make time for friends and family, the opportunity to take a step further to develop yourself in the professional capacity.

This may be one of the major boxes to tick whiles looking for a new job.

Is The Commute To And From Work Ok?

One box that needs serious ticking is the distance from home to work. Looking for a new comes with so much thrill and stress. Sometimes when the opportunity comes knocking, you may be too eager to accept the job offer forgetting to consider the distance from your home to the office.

No matter how lucrative the job offer may be, take some time to consider the location of the job. Is it very far from home? Is the area traffic prone? Would you be able to get transport home when you decide to stay much longer at work?

Out of excitement, you may decide even though you may be in a 2 hour traffic before getting home after work but you want to take that risk. One thing is for sure, soon you will get tired from the long trips you take before getting home. You will then start regretting accepting the job in the first place.

There is nothing like making a perfect decision about a job before you accept it. However, ensuring it is a stable and reputable company, your salary will be more than your previous job and it is much closer to your house can be great factors to consider in helping you make a decision.


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